Couple of things.

Very few people really had access to the GPT4 API with 32k context window. Most just had the 8k, so if the 128k context window is widely available then that's really a 16 times increase.

Also I agree about the problems with GPTs...people will have to find them and know what they want. I feel like they're so simplistic that when you combine them with discoverability issues it's an uphill battle to get people using them. There's no reason you can't just tell ChatGPT you want it to give startup advice...

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Why not ask chatGPT 4 for the optimal public GPTs for your desired task, for instance to improve English from B2 to B3 level?

I would expect chatGPT to be superfast & efficient at searching for the less than 1,000 GPTs. And next month maybe 10,000. But maybe not 100,000 until next year.

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