A world where people live under total surveillance and the sky is blocked out by a million low earth orbit satellites ranks pretty damn high on the dystopian nightmare scale.

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"Or maybe we’ll just have to get used to our every action being monitored and logged by AI software—at least when we’re out in public. "

Personally, I think the public is just going to get used to it. This is because well-meaning parents pushed for video cameras in schools to 'keep children safe'. As a result, kids are grew up knowing that they are under surveillance all the time (or at least often) and really don't care, since it is normal. While *I* may think ubiquitous cameras are a bad idea, the next generation of voters will likely shrug.

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This turned out to be pretty prescient - not one but two AI companies released the first versions of their always-on recording devices this week.

Rewind AI (audio only for now) and Humane AI: https://www.ignorance.ai/i/137729155/when-the-chips-are-down

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"I’m not going to make any specific predictions about how any of this might play out, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be important"


I agree. How about investment tips? Companies, mutual funds, etc. related to AI?

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I believe Neal Stephenson, in the last book of his I read, had a character who made their fortune by inventing a device that blocked cameras from taking an image of the wearer's face.

I would be curious on how this will work when applied to surveillance images where the individuals are heavily hooded and / or masked.

Seems to me the bad guys always go out of their way to avoid surveillance.

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What we need is a LOT more surveillance… of government workers. Weekly downloads of their work phone chats and times they talked with who. How much time they waste on lousy, or great ( like here) infotainment. Written justification for decisions, as well as flattening orgs since the middle mgr report generation can be done by AI (or soon will).

Every proposal for more data should start with govt employees.

But likely won’t.

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